Welcome to Clash of Steel. It’s 1948 and the war has started again.

Based on an Alternative History where the war in Europe finishes in 1944 with the surrender of Germany, but restarts just four years later in the face of Soviet aggression.

Players take to the tabletop with one of four initial nations in Epic Tank-On-Tank Combat using Highly Detailed Multi-part Plastic Miniatures, battling over objectives in an attempt to control the battlefield and defeat their enemies.

Featuring Dynamic Mission Based Game Play to ensure that every battle is unique and cinematic.

How will you re-write the history books?

Designers: Phil Yates, Wayne Turner, Victor Pesch and Casey Davies
Miniature Designers:
Evan Allen, Tim Adcock and Will Jayne


Clash of Steel offers two exciting Starter Sets to get you on the battlefield straight from the box!

Containing everything you need to fight epic Tank-on-Tank battles, each starter set includes two forces worth of highly-detailed tanks, dice, tokens, cards, decals, the rulebook, and force booklets to throw you straight into the action.



America’s military power, political will, and industrial might has thrust the United States onto the front of the world stage. They lead the free world against the forces of communism led by the Soviet Union. Liberators of Western Europe in World War II, they hold high the torch of freedom, casting a harsh light on the shadows of Stalin’s red east. With the power of their military, they will stop the encroachment of communism into the rest of the world and throw it back where they can.

They can back this up with proven fighting vehicles like the M26 Pershing tank, M4 “Easy Eight” Sherman tank, Chaffee light tank, and M36 “Jackson” tank destroyer. American industry has not been idle and have produced powerful new designs like the T28 assault tanks, and T29 and T30 heavy tanks.


The Soviets look to preserve their post-war legacy by entrenching Communist rule across Eastern Europe. They ensue this with a strong military presence and total control over their client nations ruling communist party. They field the best of their Great Patriotic War equipment like the T-34/85 medium tank, SU-100 Tank-killer, and IS-2 heavy breakthrough tank. One top of this superior Soviet industry has produced the ground-breaking T-54-1 medium tank and the powerful IS-3 heavy tank.


The British are intent on ensuring their place at the table of global politics in a post-war world. They lend their military strength to establishing the balance of power in Europe. Their tank forces can call on World War II veterans like the Cromwell, Comet, and Archer self-propelled gun. These are backed up by brand new powerful and innovative designs in the form of the Centurion universal tank and the Tortoise super-heavy assault gun.


A rebuilding democratic Germany looks to form new alliances and once more become the master of its own destiny. Their military is rebuilding after the devastation of World War II, taking advantage of old and new designs left behind by the previous regime. The field tried and tested tanks such as the Tiger I, Tiger II, and Panther, as well as further developments like the Panther (8.8cm) and new designs such as the behemoth Maus super-heavy tank.