Soviet Forces

The Soviets look to preserve their post-war legacy by entrenching Communist rule across Eastern Europe. They ensue this with a strong military presence and total control over their client nations ruling communist party. They field the best of their Great Patriotic War equipment like the T-34/85 medium tank, SU-100 Tank-killer, and IS-2 heavy breakthrough tank. One top of this superior Soviet industry has produced the ground-breaking T-54-1 medium tank and the powerful IS-3 heavy tank.

T-54-1 Company

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 5x T-54-1 or T-44 Tanks

The T-44 was heavily influential on the design of the T-54-1, the first model of the T-54 main battle tank. However, the T-44 still used the same 85mm tank gun as the T-34-85 medium tank. The Soviet army wanted a tank armed with a more powerful 100mm gun.

Shortly after the T-44 design was completed, unsuccessful efforts were made to fit the 100mm gun to the T-44 turret. Instead, a new roomier turret that could fit the larger gun was designed. In addition to the improved firepower, designers were able to increase the turret and hull armour.

IS-2 Heavy Company

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 5x IS-2 Tanks

The IS (Iosif Stalin) heavy tank is often referred to as the “tank of victory” in Soviet sources. The development of the IS series of tanks started in late 1942 as a response to the performance of the German Tiger tanks, and then the arrival of the Panther in 1943 imparted further urgency.

The IS-2 heavy tank was designed to replace the aging KV tanks as the Guards’ heavy breakthrough units. The KV series were criticized by their crews for their low mobility, and lack of any heavier armament than that of the T-34 medium tank.

T-34/85 Scout Company

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 4x T-34/85 Tanks

The T-34 series of tanks were widely recognised as an excellent design that had a profound effect on not only the course of World War II, but subsequent tank development for a long time. Over time the original specifications were refined to not only make the tank easier to produce, but also keep up with the need for increased firepower as enemy tank designs caught up and eventually surpassed the T-34.

The T-34/85 built upon an already successful design with increased armour protection. A larger turret was also added to accomodate a third crew member (previously in the hull) and increase the size of gun from 76mm to the more powerful ZiS-S-53 85mm. These improvements gave Soviet forces a tank that was once again more armoured, mobile, and destructive than its contemporaries.

SU-100 Tank-Killer Battery

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 5x SU-100 Tanks

German use of assault guns that combined excellent armour and firepower with ease of manufacturing prompted the Soviets to begin the design of their own models. The reliable T-34 chassis was selected as one of the options to begin design work and by 1942 the SU-122, armed with a 122mm howitzer, was rolling off the production lines.

Continuous improvements in design resulted in first the SU-85, featuring the same 85mm gun as the T-34/85, and then the SU-100 which entered service in October 1944. In addition to the improved firepower, the SU-100 also had much thicker armour than its predecessors. This significantly improved the performance on the battlefield as well as making it popular with its crews.

IS-3 Heavy Company

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 5x IS-3 Tanks

The IS-3 began its life on the drawing boards in 1944 and improved on many of the concepts seen in the earlier IS-2.

The first production models arrived too late to participate in the fighting in 1944, but its later appearance was enough to strike fear into Allied commanders.

The IS-3 also featured many improvements to its armour layout over previous designs with a turret shape that is often described as looking like an upturned soup bowl.

ISU-130 Assault Gun Battery

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 5x  ISU-130, or ISU-122, or ISU-152 Tanks

The ISU series of assault guns were designed around the need for a well armoured, mobile, fully enclosed, and heavily armed tank that could withstand German anti-tank gun fire and keep up with armoured formations. The lack of a turret allowed for a large casemate that could support a crew of five.

Built off the IS-2 chassis, the three assault guns differed only in their main armament. The ISU-130 featured a 130mm gun based off a long range naval and coastal gun, the ISU-122 mounted the same gun as the IS-2, whilst the ISU-152 had a powerful 152mm gun-howitzer capable of firing powerful high-explosive rounds.