American Forces

America’s military power, political will, and industrial might has thrust the United States onto the front of the world stage. They lead the free world against the forces of communism led by the Soviet Union. Liberators of Western Europe in World War II, they hold high the torch of freedom, casting a harsh light on the shadows of Stalin’s red east. With the power of their military, they will stop the encroachment of communism into the rest of the world and throw it back where they can.

They can back this up with proven fighting vehicles like the M26 Pershing tank, M4 “Easy Eight” Sherman tank, Chaffee light tank, and M36 “Jackson” tank destroyer. American industry has not been idle and have produced powerful new designs like the T28 assault tanks, and T29 and T30 heavy tanks.

Pershing Platoon

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 3x T26E4 Super Pershing, or T26E5 Assault Pershing, or M26 Pershing Tanks

The Pershing’s 90mm gun was powerful, but still lacked the ability to knock out the heavier German tanks, so an experimental long 90mm gun was designed. Two examples of these long guns were mounted in specially-modified Pershings. This was further modified in the field by adding additional armour plates cut from destroyed German Panthers. The result was America’s first superheavy tank of the war.

The Super Pershing engaged the enemy, easily destroying German tanks that it encountered. The war ended before more Super Pershings could be built, but the design was considered successful enough to further develop the M26 Pershing series into a main battle tank.

M4A3E8 Easy Eight Platoon

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 3x M4A3E8 Easy Eight Tanks

The M4A3E8 Sherman tank, better known as the Easy Eight, marked the pinnacle in the Sherman design. Essentially the same as the M4 76mm Sherman, the Easy Eight model introduced a new track and suspension system. The Horizontal Volute Suspension System (HVSS, for short) made it much easier to replace damaged road wheels and a new wide track was developed to improve the tank’s off-road performance.

M4A3E2 Jumbo Platoon

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 3x M4A3E2 Jumbo Tanks

Fears of having to break through the German Siegfried Line led to the development of the M4A3E2 ‘Jumbo’ assault tank. With no heavy tanks available, another M4 Sherman variant was rushed into production in early 1944. The late M4 chassis was used with extra armour added all around. Its sheer bulk led to the nickname: ‘Jumbo’. The Jumbo had a larger turret with a massive 7-inch/180mm thick mantlet.

Often the Sherman Jumbos would lead the way, taking a position at the head of the advance so they could take any ambushing shots against their thicker armour.

M24 Chaffee Recon Platoon

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 3x M24 Chaffee Tanks

The development of the M24 Chaffee can trace its origins back to feedback from British forces fighting in the desert and their experience with the M3 Stuart. The Stuart’s 37mm cannon lacked the power to knock out early Panzers with rounds “bouncing off like marbles”.

The first M24s arrived in Europe in 1944 and were issued to Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons as a replacement for their aging Stuart tanks.

M36 Jackson Tank Destroyers

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 4x M36 Jackson Tanks

As German tanks became harder to deal with, the tank destroyer arm decided to up-gun their M10s with the M3 90mm anti-aircraft gun. A larger turret was designed to hold the new weapon and a power motor installed to rotate it.

The US home front converted over 1300 M10A1 chassis (based on the M4A3 Sherman chassis) and designated the new vehicle as the M36 90mm GMC. The destroyer quickly took on the nickname “Jackson” among the troops.

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers

Arriving April 2024


Contains: 4x M18 Hellcat Tanks

The M18 76mm GMC tank destroyer was designed by Buick in Detroit, Michigan. Of all the tank destroyer models used by the US Army, the M18 was the only one purpose-built for the TD men, taking aboard feedback in the field.

The number one request was speed, so the M18 was designed with a unique suspension system and stripped down to only the minimum armour needed to stop rifle fire. It used the same 9-cylinder engine found in a Sherman tank, but since the M18 weighed only 20 tons compared to the Sherman’s 35 tons, it could race along roads at an impressive 50mph (80km/h). This led to the vehicle’s unofficial nickname, the Hellcat.

T28 Assault Platoon

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 3x T28 Tanks

The T28 Assault Tank is a heavily armoured tank/self-propelled gun designed for the United States Army to break through German defences and was later considered as a possible participant in the planned invasion of Japan in 1945.

It is the heaviest armoured vehicle ever produced by the United States at 95 short tons (86.2 metric tonnes) and is protected by extremely thick armour.

The gun chosen was a very high-velocity long 105mm gun mounted in a ball-shaped gun mantlet set into the hull front. Compared with the 90mm in the T26 Pershings, this was a powerful weapon that could deal with most armoured targets, be they fortifications or heavily armoured tanks.

T29 Super-Heavy Platoon

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 3x T29 or T30 Tanks

The T29 heavy tank project designed a heavy tank with the armament and armour to take on the recently appeared German Tiger II heavy tank.

The T29’s 105mm gun is more than capable of knocking out most enemy tanks. An additional loader for the big 105mm gun’s two-part ammunition ensures the tank’s rate-of-fire does not suffer.

The T29 design specifications required it to have greater armoured protection than that of the T26 Pershing, in theory to protect it against German high velocity cannons, such as the long 8.8cm cannon of the Tiger II, while its substantial side armour makes it ideal for assaulting its way through fortified enemy defences.