British Forces

The British are intent on ensuring their place at the table of global politics in a post-war world. They lend their military strength to establishing the balance of power in Europe. Their tank forces can call on World War II veterans like the Cromwell, Comet, and Archer self-propelled gun. These are backed up by brand new powerful and innovative designs in the form of the Centurion universal tank and the Tortoise super-heavy assault gun.

Churchill Assault Troop

Arriving May 2024


Contains: 3x Churchill VII Tanks

The Churchill series of tanks were designed as infantry tanks, capable of keeping pace with the speed of infantry as they attacked, and knocking out enemy positions and opening the battlefield for the faster cruiser tanks to exploit any gaps.

Though the Churchill tank looks rather old fashioned with its tracks running right over the top of the hull, its design allows it to go almost anywhere, crossing difficult terrain with ease.

Comet Armoured Troop

Arriving May 2024


Contains: 3x Comet Tanks

The Comet is fast, mobile, well-armoured, and deadly. Easily one of the best medium tanks of the war, the Comet is the ultimate British cruiser tank.

Initially the Comet was supposed to be an upgunned Cromwell, but it ended up as a whole new tank. It had thicker armour and a new 77mm gun, while retaining the Cromwell’s speed, low profile, and high-explosive capability.

Challenger Armoured Troop

Arriving May 2024


Contains: 3x Challenger Tanks

As German tank developers continued to create heavier and heavier tanks with thicker armour, Allied forces looked for new options to defeat them. The appearance of the Tiger I was the last straw and prototype 17 pounder anti-tank guns were rushed to the front to give British forces an effective counter.

The development of the Challenger was one of the many options pursued and used a lengthened Cromwell hull with its powerful Rolls Royce Meteor engine, and a new turret design that was large enough to accommodate the large gun and a crew of four. A fifth crew member, the driver, remained in the hull.

Cromwell Recce Troop

Arriving May 2024


Contains: 3x Cromwell Tanks

The initial development work for the Cromwell began even before its predessor, the Crusader, was in service. Aware that enemy tank development was proceeding at pace, a heavier tank with increased firepower and armour that maintained a high speed would be needed sooner rather than later.

Design of the Cromwell was affected by a variety of issues ranging from problems with the availability of machine tools, demand for Rolls-Royce engines for use in Royal Air Force aircraft, and what the final armament of the tank should be.

Archer Anti-Tank Troop

Arriving May 2024


Contains: 4x Archer Tanks

The Archer was another of the many designs put on the drawing board as British forces struggled to deal with German armour. The size of the 17 pdr gun caused difficulties for designers as it would not fit inside most existing designs and as a towed gun it was slow to relocate and useless on attack.

The Valentine tank, which was still in production at the time despite its obsolescence, was chosen as a suitable platform to mount the gun, not in a turret but in an open-topped armoured casemate, similar to German tank-hunters like the Hornisse.

Tortoise Assault Troop

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 3x Tortoise Tanks

In early 1943 Allied forces began to look at what types of fortifications they were likely to encounter once they landed in Europe. It was expected that in order to defeat these positions a new type of specialist vehicle with heavy armour and a “bunker busting” gun would be required. Assault Tanks were born.

The Tortoise was one of 18 different designs drafted over a 10 month period and submitted to the Tank Board, with an order placed for 25 vehicles to be built.

Weighing in at over 79 tonnes, armed with an Ordnance Quick-firing (OQF) 32 pounder gun and with a heavily armoured casemate instead of a turret, production of the Tortoise was slow and World War II was over before it fired a shot in anger.

Centurion Armoured Troop

Arriving June 2024


Contains: 3x Centurion 3 or Centurion 1 Tanks

The introduction of the Centurion 1 gave British forces a heavily armoured medium tank with a gun that could defeat the armour of its contemporaries. Soon after, Royal Ordnance finished development of the new Ordnance QF 20 pdr (84 mm) gun and work quickly began on upgrading the Centurion.

The Mark 2 version of the Centurion had already upgraded the turret design, improved the crew systems to help them acquire targets and added stabilisation to improve accuracy whilst on the move. The co-axial 20mm Polsten cannon, that gave the earlier Centurion a unique look, was also removed and replaced with a more traditional Besa machine-gun.