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Alien Variants for ‘We’re In the Pipe, 5 x 5’ Expansion

Each Alien variant found in the ‘We’re In the Pipe, Five By Five’ expansion has special rules that change their behavior.

The Brute is more in-line with the typical Alien soldier. May the dice roll in your favour when this guy shows up!The Guard is tougher than the typical Alien Soldier. Their tougher exoskeleton gives them some extra survivability, taking more effort to bring one down.
The Scout wastes no time in tracking down hosts for their Facehugger friends. Arguably one of the scarier aliens to encounter, as doors may as well be made from paper mâché to the Scout who has an easier time tearing through them.The Skulker does what it does best: skulks! This swift and agile Alien variant will descend upon your Marines when you least expect it, as it manoeuvres its way within the shadows.

The ‘We’re In the Pipe, Five By Five’ expansion is not a standalone game. It needs a copy of Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and Aliens: Get Away From Her You B***h! expansion to use this expansion.