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We’re In the Pipe, Five By Five Expansion

“Initiate release sequencer on my mark. Three. Two. One. Mark! Switching to DCS ranging.” “Two-four-oh. Nominal to profile.”
“We’re in the pipe, five by five. Strap yourselves in boys, we’re in for some chop.”

The Aliens: We’re In the Pipe, Five By Five expansion brings the Sulaco’s dropship crew to Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps Cooperative Survival Game. ‘Fly the friendly skies’ as you fight off alien stowaways while attempting to rescue the survivors of the disaster in the air processing plant. On the ground, the two crew members provide technical support for your Marines in Campaign missions and Bug Hunts, along with new Pilot and Quartermaster Experience tracks.

Meanwhile, the Marines discover four new Alien variants. The Brute, Guard, Scout, and Skulker, add a new dimension to the Xenomorph hives urge to absorb the occupants of Hadley’s Hope.

This expansion is not a standalone game. It needs a copy of Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and Aliens: Get Away From Her You B***h! expansion to use this expansion.

Aliens: We’re In the Pipe, Five By Five Expansion Contains:

6x Hard Plastic Characters
1x Rulebook
2x Character Cards
9x Hivemind Cards
16x Experience Cards
20x Tokens
2x Mission Cards

Renders in original colours:



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