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Aliens: Additional Miniatures

Sulaco Survivors contains:

P-5000 Power Loader piloted by Ripley  –  Ripley & Newt  –  Bishop  –  Broken Bishop

Heroes of Hadley’s Hope contains:

Ellen Ripley  –  Lt. Scott Gorman  –  Sgt. Al Apone  –  Cpl. Dwayne Hicks  –  Pvt. William L. Hudson
Pvt. Jenette Vasquez   –  Pvt. Mark Drake  –  Pvt. Ricco “Frosty” Frost. –  Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich  –  Pvt. Tim Crowe  –  Pvt. Trevor Wierzbowski  –  Cpl. Collette Ferro  –  Pvt. Daniel Spunkmeyer  –  Carter Burke  –  Rebecca “Newt” Jorden

Assets and Hazards contains:

2x Facehuggers  –  8x Eggs  –  2x Sentry Guns  –  6x Computer Terminals  –  16x Crates

Alien Queen contains:

1x Alien Queen

Alien Warriors contains:

8x Alien Warriors  –  1x Alien Brute  –  1x Alien Guard  –  1x Alien Scout  –  1x Alien Skulker

Additional minis from Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and expansions are now available for pre-order. Boost the hive with Alien warriors, or assemble Ripley in her Iconic power loader with the Sulaco Survivors & more. Perfect for painters, collectors, or to enhance your tabletop roleplaying experience.

*Some assembly required, miniatures do not come pre-painted