GF9 World of Tanks

World of Tanks Online Special Offer!

The World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Starter Set comes with a special invite code to get you on your way to some epic tank on tank action.

Get battle-ready with a T-127 Premium Tank (Tier 3 Soviet light tank), a Garage Slot to store your new baby, 500 Gold, and a 7-day Premium Account, giving you enhanced rewards such as a 10% bonus earning on credits won, Extra XP, Premium battle missions, and if you play with friends you gain a Platoon Bonus of +15% XP all for free!

If you are already a regular on the World of Tanks battleground, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you!
The starter box set has some great online extras including, a 3-day Premium Account, a Large Repair Kit passively adding 10% to your crew’s field-repair speed, or instantly repair any major damage.
Up the level of all roles and crew skills on Soviet vehicles by 10% with Extra Combat Rations, or use a consumable to give your crew a 10% higher effectiveness, Chocolate available to German vehicles, Pudding & Tea available for British vehicles, and a Case of Cola available for American vehicles!

 As we continue to roll out expansions, we will include more redemption codes, offering Premium Account access time and other consumables to boost your performance.


The World of Tanks Miniatures Game is available for pre-order now and will be rolling out to your Friendly Local Gaming Store this October!

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