GF9 World of Tanks

Accessories and Customisation

You have pre-ordered your starter box and Wave I Expansion packs…?
You might already have some customisation ideas brewing?
Here are some accessories to make your platoon truly your own and enhance your game play…


Dice and Decal sets

Customise your tanks with our national dice and decal packs. All of these decals can be found in the online game, so you can customise your tanks to match your online tanks!
The national dice come in the same colour as your tanks and replace the Critical Hit symbol with your national symbol, while the Tank Ace set adds more starter set dice, for when 6 attack dice just aren’t enough!


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 Game Mat 

Summer Game Mat: Prokhorovka

Double sided, 36” x 36” full colour neoprene battle mat based on the Prokhorovka map. One side has a clear centre for you to place your terrain, while the other side is more detailed with terrain already placed.

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Acrylic Game Tokens

Upgrade your World of Tanks: Miniatures Game starter set tokens with these full colour printed durable printed acrylic tokens

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Tank Garage

Transport and store your tanks in style with the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Garage (carry case). With one tray dedicated to storing 14 tanks and another for dice, cards and tokens you can easily pack a days gaming in to this handy case

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