German Tank Platoon


The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H (commonly known as the Panzer IV) was used by the German army on all fronts during the war and remained in continuous production.

A dependable tank, the Panzer IV can perform any role on the battlefield and the right combination of upgrades can enhance this.


An iconic tank of the German army, the Tiger I was able to strike fear into the hearts of Allied tank crews throughout the war.

Combining an impressive Survivability stat with the Fortress rule (no penalty for being shot in the flank) the Tiger I is able to stay in the fight long enough to turn the tide of battle.


The StuG III Ausf.G assault gun had an armoured superstructure or upper hull instead of a turret allowing engineers to mount the powerful 7.5cm gun.

With a high Survivability and good Firepower the StuG is best used in a support position where it cannot be easily outflanked.

Each Platoon Blister Pack comes with 3 Tank Cards and 15 Upgrade Cards.