Wave X Available TODAY

 WAVE X Available to purchase in store at your FLGS, & online directly below.


The Soviet T-54 is an absolute monster of a Medium tank. It’s fast, it hits hard and it can soak up a huge amount of damage. Add on a Turbocharger and upgrade to the V-14 engine for an Initiative boost, and don’t forget to Fill Tanks With CO2 to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

British Churchill I

The British Churchill I is a Heavy tank for the Budget conscious commander. Where it shines is its flexibility with Upgrade Modules – upgrade to the Churchill III turret, swap out for the QF 2-Pdr Mk.X or 75mm Vickers HV gun and you can build this tank to fill whatever need you have.

T26E4 Super Pershing

The American T26E4 Super Pershing is a Medium tank wearing Heavy tank clothing! With big Survivability and big Firepower this tank is ready to brawl with the heavies. Attach a full crew with a Mentor Commander and an Improved Rotation Mechanism to increase the Initiative and get a tactical edge.



The German Nashorn continues the trend of big German machinery, but on a budget! With 6 Firepower this is a cheap way to bring some big firepower to the table. A Camouflage Net is a must to add some Survivability while installing the smaller 7.5cm Pak 42 L/70 with a Gun Rammer can provide you with some needed Initiative.

For a closer look, our friends at Griffin Gaming have unboxed WAVE X for you!