WAVE IX Available to purchase in store at your FLGS, & online directly below.


The German Jagdtiger is a one-tank-army, with 7 Firepower and 4 Survivability so all it needs is a clear line of sight and a target!
The massive gun also gains the Big Gun rule.
Equip a Binocular Telescope to upgrade another Hit to Critical provided this tank stays Stationary, and you have an unshiftable tank destroying machine!


The American M18 Hellcat is an aggressive Tank Destroyer that can be used to challenge opponents anywhere on the battlefield.
High Firepower, Mobility and Initiative out of the box make it fieldable without upgrades, but some options can really make this tank shine!


The Soviet SU-85 is a highly mobile Tank Destroyer, best used manoeuvering around the back of the battlefield looking to snipe enemies.
Without a turret and having low Initiative, protecting your flanks or adding the V-2-34 engine is a good investment.


The British Archer is a unique way to bring a lot of firepower to the table for a low cost.
Built on the Valentine chassis, it has low Mobility and Survivability, but with the Tank Destroyer special rule finding some Cover can mitigate this.
The OQF 17-Pdr AT Gun Mk. VII is an easy way to get that extra attack dice

For a closer look, our friends at Reconpaint have unboxed WAVE IX for you!