WAVE VI Available in store at your FLGS, and online directly below.

Coming next month is our latest wave of releases for the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game and these are set to really shake up the battlefield in spite of their small size!

Our first three tanks include the M24 Chaffee, Crusader and T-70. What makes these three tanks so special? Up till now players have only had the Valentine (which is still a favourite in our books thanks to it’s heavy armor) to fill the role of finding the enemy, but now there are three new (faster) options to choose from. These new tanks can get to where you need them and support your entire platoon thanks to their Light Tank ability. Rounding out the wave is the ever popular Jagdpanzer 38T Hetzer, a pocket sized Tank Destroyer that is ready to support any platoon.

The icing on the cake is that Wave VI sees the first of our new Equipment cards inspired by World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 updates hitting the battlefield. These new cards will open up entirely new platoon building possibilities and perhaps bring older tanks back to the front lines.

Jagdpanzer (38t) Hetzer

The Jagdpanzer 38(T) Hetzer is a crowd favourite. It combines a solid set of stats, a deceptively small size and a relatively low cost that makes it an affordable Tank Destroyer for a platoon commander on a budget. Left alone at the back of the battlefield sniping enemies it will quickly earn it’s keep, but with a few small upgrades you can really enhance the ability of the Hetzer to be a threat on the table as well as improving it’s chances of surviving. First up an Improved Rotation Mechanism will give your tank a nice improvement to its initiative, increasing your chances of being in the right place to get your shots off. Adding Wilhelm Lindemann to your crew will also improve your initiative in the movement phase whilst also increasing your chances of avoiding critical hits. Last but not least, a crew member with the Concealment ability will stack with the inherent Tank Destroyer special rule and keep your tank safe whilst in cover.




M24 Chaffee

The American built M24 Chaffee brings a new Light Tank to the battlefield and unlike the older Valentine this one is fast… we mean really fast! Combining high speed and good initiative with a gun that cannot be easily ignored, it is a threat to every other tank on the battlefield. Befitting it’s role as a spotter, an easy addition is a Commanders Vision System. This allows the Chaffee to strip away enemy tanks cover bonus, making them an easier target for other friendly tanks. The key there is to make sure you have the highest initiative possible on this tank and if you need a little buff to achieve that, then the 75mm Gun M17 is exactly what you need.




The T-70 adds another Light Tank to the mix. Built in large numbers by the Soviet army it is a blank canvas ready for commanders to tweak to meet their mission needs. It comes with relatively high initiative (for a Soviet vehicle) but this can be improved through use of the M-80 engine which enhances the tanks initiative in the movement phase – it also works on the SU-76 and SU-122A (spoilers!). As a Light Tank the T-70 doesn’t necessarily have the highest number of hit points or defense but a Low Noise System has the potential to give a light tank a nice defensive buff, if the dice are on your side




The Crusader, used by the British in the deserts of North Africa, is another speedster like the American M24 Chaffee. It gains an additional hit point over its American friend, but at the cost of two crew slots and the Arrow Shot special rule (which means it is less likely to cause critical hits). This means that straight of the box it will hang around longer, but possibly at the cost of dealing less damage… but if you are in the fight for one extra round that may be all the time you need to win the game! If you are looking to reduce the cost of your tank you can upgrade the gun to an OQF 3-inch Howitzer MK.I which removes the Arrow Shot rule and gives your tank High Explosive. This is a great option if you are feeling lucky with your dice… well are you?