Ryan and Ari’s Rematch

Post Battle report – Revenge of the Renegades!

With Wave III quickly approaching and my battle platoon rearing to go, Ari and I decided a rematch was necessary after my shocking performance last year…

I have been wanting to build a Renegade force for a while, and the platoon basics video was the perfect opportunity to assemble my tanks.

Using my “Rule of Cool” I based the platoon around the SU-100 with its massive firepower and gave it some upgrades to help it survive.

To bring this list up to 200 points I have also featured 2 Shermans and a Cromwell.

Ari took her 200 point list from the new Wave III goodies about to hit stores.

Featuring the first heavy tank in the game the KV-1s,  alongside the Sherman VC Firefly, Panzer III J, and M10 Wolverine. 




The Wave III release brings some powerful tanks and some quality upgrades to the table, so she will be a worthy opponent for sure.

Our battlefield of choice today was inspired by the Prokhorovka game mat we played on.  Check out our video “Creating Prokhorovka” to see the detail in how we built our battlefield for this match.

The table features a central railway flanked by tree lines, with a crossroad and a rail crossing setting the scene for a small farming village, complete with fields and plenty of fences to get hull down behind. 

We decided to change it up from an all-out brawl to an Encounter Battle, with an objective out in the village crossroads to fight over.

With the game all laid out, and everyone aware of the rules we went to war!


It was a very decisive victory for the Renegades! I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of my platoon, with my SU-100 performing admirably in its role at dishing out damage, and my 105mm Sherman giving an unexpected performance as well, although this could have been my better dice rolling. 


Wave III does however give some exciting options to look at. Subbing my Cromwell with a PZ III J could give me the same functionality at a cheaper point cost, allowing me to substitute a Sherman with a Firefly to provide even more firepower.

The KV-1S also was a real threat to the objective early on, succumbing only to extremely lucky (or poorly shuffled) critical cards. Lots to think about for the next battle!