Tank Garage

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Tank Garage

Transport and store your tanks in style with the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Garage (carry case).

Obviously with the world the way it is, tournaments, and group gaming opportunities are few and far between at the moment, but as well as transport, this provides a protective storage solution for keeping your platoon safe and neat in between battles, whilst also proudly displaying the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game logo.

Made from high quality, hard-wearing, water-resistant, durable black material and featuring branded embroidered stitching, and a velcro patch on top to allow for patch customisation.

12″ wide, 8″ deep, and 5.5″ high, it’s big enough to hold a whole platoon and more.

Inside you’ll find  3 laser cut foam trays. 2 that hold 7 tanks each, suitable for all sizes in the range and another for dice, cards, tokens etc.

This is the perfect solution for storing & transporting your platoons, ready for battle.