GF9 World of Tanks

Re-creating Prokhorovka

Re-creating Prokhorkvka – Building a better battlefield


If you spent your holidays getting hull down, avoiding critical damage, and staring down the barrel of a tank in World of Tanks: Miniatures Game then here’s a way to create a real bang on your battlefield!

Join Ryan for some inspiration as he takes the World of Tanks video game from desktop to tabletop using our Battlefield in a Box terrain, watch as he brings to life one of the most famous in-game battle maps Prokhorovka, and turns his World of Tanks: Miniatures Game into a war ground worth fighting over, with train tracks, villages, and forestry for the perfect defence!

Product List 

Small Summer Wood – BB542

Rural Fields & Fences – BB138

Rural Road Expansion Set – BB140

Rural Roads – BB117

Train Tracks – BB135

Rock Outcrops – BB545

Rural Farm Buildings – BB137

Ruined Buildings – BB199


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