Spartacus the Boardgame

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

 A fast-paced board game set in Ancient Rome including backstabbing schemes, fierce bidding, and bloody gladiatorial combat!

Mastermind schemes and undermine your rivals with cards from your hand. Betrayal and treachery are your weapons of choice.

Bid against your opponents in the open market.  Acquire the best new prospects for the Arena!  Pit your champion against your enemy’s and wager on the results.

The path to victory crosses the sacred sands of the Arena!


     2+ hrs          3-4 Players      Ages 14+




1 Game Board

1 Betting Board

4 Plastic Miniatures

1 Rulebook

62 Market Cards

104 Intrigue Cards

148 Tokens

26 Dice



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