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Raia Danviri was born and raised in the lashunta city-state of Komena, near the southern tip of the continent of Asana on Castrovel.  Despite being a centre of military activity for years, Raia’s parents viewed it as a diplomatic opportunity, eventually brokering a peace between the lashuntas and the formians, a goal that spanned decades.  This inspired Raia to be obsessed with new alien cultures, shaping her studies and reinforcing a belief that all intelligent beings have something to learn from each other.  As she grew, Raia showed a great talent for both technology and spellcasting, leading her to the discipline of technomancy, blending science and magic together.  After completing her studies, Raia realised that her passion for studying alien life-forms was a calling, and her tehcnomantic abilities were the currency she could use to fund her life’s work, exchanging her skills as a scientist and tecnomancer for berths on ships heading out to undiscovered regions of the Vast.