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Obozaya was born on Vesk Prime, the planetary capital of the Veskarium, to a family of low-level military bureucrats.  Distinguising herself with her determination and ferocity on the sports field and in the dueling ring – if not in her academic studies – Obozaya quickly established herself as a top-notch military cadet, enlisting as soon as her basic studies were complete.  While her glory in battle advanced her through the ranks, neglecting the power of political connection resulted in her being assigned to patrol aa section of frozen tundra on Vesk-8 where the staunchly pacifist residents refused to give her any opportunity for righteous combat.  When her enlistment ended , she left for the Pact World to work as a mercenary and find endless battles and adventures.  These days, Obozaya finds herself better suited to working with small groups of explorers and adventurers.  Small teams mean more glory per person when you succeed and she often finds herself the sole front-line fighter on a crew, which appeals to both her vanity and her showboating style.