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Born into a prominent family on Absalom Station, the envoy who calls herself Navasi spent much of her childhood avoiding her parents in their “Sky-villa” as they called their sprawling, six-story home in the Nyori Palisades.  At the age of eighteen, disgusted by the disparity of wealth, Navasi chose to leave her prior life behind and start a life of piracy.  Over the years, she worked whatever jobs she needed, but she never lost her egalitarian beliefs.  She even fell in love with one of her fellow survivalists, the two becoming inseparable.  Tragedy struck with the death of her companion, inspiring Navasi to take her lover’s name and create a new persona focused on stopping those who would thrive on exploitation, regardless of which side of the law they were on.  Today Navasi has built a reputation-perhaps more than is truly wise for a woman with a price on her head – as a talented freelance captain, putting together crews for adventures. Navasi still believes in freedom for all, spreading the wealth and takin plutocrats down a peg…