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Keskodai found his faith in his youth, when a plague called the Gray Shakes burned through his home city of Fullbright.  In the midst of this tragedy, priests of Pharasma arrived, black-robed beings of all different races who walked among the afflicted, offering magical healing where they could and comfort to those too far gone.  Keskodai joined the hospice efforts and stayed on to study as an initiate, eventually returning home to tend to his people.  Despite forming a family, he found himself filled with wanderlust and a need to explore.  With the support of his partners, he signed on with freelance adventurers and starship crews, particularly those headed out beyond the edges of the solar system.  While quite capable in combat, he prefers to act as the ship’s medic, trusting that his mercenary companions will give him plenty of opportunities to employ his goddess-granted magic in patching up the broken or blessing them on their journey into the Great Beyond.