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The Master

A renegade Time Lord known as The Master, originally a childhood friend and classmate of The Doctor turned archenemy. A would-be universal conquorer, the Master wants to control the universe, with ambitions to become “The master of all matter” who would take great pleasure in seeing The Doctor suffer should mankind fall.


The Masterful Master wants to bring back Gallifrey, the home of his fellow Time Lords. Bring together three regenerations of The Master, while Gallifrey Returns is on Earth, Present Day, long enough to build up a strong signal to bring Gallifrey back.

The Master Race turns everyone on EAsth, Present Day into a copy of The Master, ensuring a strong signal. The Sound of Drums intensifies the signal from one regeneration of The Master, while discarding your Human Resources can give you the final boost you need to complete the scheme.


The Scheming Master is all about adding plots to become the Master of Everything. Your schemes are advanced through making a Grand Entrance by being everywhere at once and becuase you are The Mastermind behind the downfall of The Doctor, discarding Heroes before they can interfere. To succeed, you can Gather Power, transmuting it into victory, and capture The Doctor or thwart their Companions to Defeat Enemies.