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Doctor Who: Nemesis

In Doctor Who: Nemesis, you play one of the Doctor’s many adversaries seeking to twist space and time to your own ends.

There are four Nemeses for you to choose from: Dalek, Cybermen, The Master, and Weeping Angels.

You win by completing one of your nefarious schemes by meeting the Win trigger of a Scheme card in play.

It’s not easy trying to rule space and time, contending with rival Daleks and Cybermen, interfering Time Lords, and predatory Weeping Angels.

There are worlds to move, realities to destroy, time wars to win, a cyberium to find and Gallifrey itself for that matter too, paradoxes and the endless schemes of The Doctor ,and The Master to unravel.


Your old nemesis, The Doctor, endlessly seeks to thwart your plans. Worse still, his other adversaries have their own schemes, and they don’t involve you controlling everything.

Have you got what it takes to remake the universe?

Can you defeat the meddling Doctor?

Will you finally triumph for all time?

Defeat The Doctor – Rule Space And Time


For a more in depth look, immerse yourself in this preview from the Shut Up And Sit Down team



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