Featured nemeses


“The Doctor” is the alias assumed by a millennia-old humanoid alien from Gallifrey, a renegade Time Lord who travels through space and time in the TARDIS, frequently with companions.  “Regeneration”, a biological function of the Time Lord race allows a change of cellular structure and appearance with recovery following a fatal injury. Fascinated with and fond of the human race.  The Doctor promises to be “Never Cruel, nor cowardly.  Never give up.  Never give in” when protecting them.

Each Doctor has their own scheme that any player can complete to win the game. In addition, you can win by capturing two Doctors and playing the appropriate scheme from your Nemesis core deck.

Capturing Doctors

Every Nemesis Deck has two instant cards that let you win immediately if you are holding two or more captured Doctors

First Doctor

When the First Doctor is in play, get your own Doctor in play and use Power to further your scheme.  Capture your opponent’s Doctors to prevent them from completing this scheme.

Second Doctor

When the Second Doctor’s Recorder is in play, fill your hand with five cards of the same type (Character Constant, Instant or Moment) to win.  Choose your actions carefully, draw as many cards as you can and discard unwanted cards to do this.

Third Doctor

When UNIT HQ is in play, you win if you have 25 or more Strength of Heroes on your Control Board.  Capture Doctors and thwart Companions to slow your opponents down.

Fourth Doctor

When the Fourth Doctor is in play, you win by having no cards in your hand a the start of your turn.  The Fourth Doctor helps you discard cards in each player’s turn if you have enough Power

Fifth Doctor

Once the Fifth Doctor’s Zero Room is in play, you win by being the fifth to play a Doctor.  If your opponent looks like they might win, you can capture a Doctor to reduce the count of Doctors by two.

Sixth Doctor

When the Sixth Doctor has Useful Allies in play, you win by having two Doctors, a Companion and a Hero Constant card in play.  Capture Doctors and thwart Companions to keep your opponents in check.

Seventh Doctor

Once the Seventh Doctor’s Hand of Omega is in play, you win by having five Hero cards in your hand.  This can limit your options for play as you accumulate these cards.

Eighth Doctor

When the Eighth Doctor has the Master of Time in play, you win by forcing a player to discard the last card in their Nemesis Deck

Ninth Doctor

With Everyone Lives in play, the Ninth Doctor allows you to win by having two Doctors and two Companions at the same Location.  Keep your opponents on the back foot by capturing their Doctors and thwarting their companions.

Tenth Doctor

When the Tenth Doctor’s friend, Doctor-Donna, is in play, you win by having a Doctor and a Companion in your hand, and in your discard pile, Capture Doctor-Donna to thwart this scheme.

Eleventh Doctor

Once the Eleventh Doctor’s Fez is in play, the controlling player wins on the fifth turn.  Take control of the Fez by playing a Companion Card.

Twelfth Doctor

With the Twelfth Doctors Duty of Care in play, you win by being the sixth player to play a companion on an opponent’s Control Board.  Time your Companions carefully!

Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor needs to Construct their Sonic Screwdriver.  You win by having eight Power and two Doctors on an opponent’s Control Board.  Attack players to burn their power or capture their Doctors.

War Doctor

Once the War Doctor has The Moment in play, you win by having four Instant cards in hand and another four in your discard pile.  Like the Seventh Doctor, collecting just Instant cards in your hand can limit your options.