Doctor Who GF9
Featured nemeses


Daleks are a warrior race made up of genetically engineered mutants, originating from the planet Skaro. The mutants were encased inside an armoured travel machine built from polycarbide and dalekanium. The Daleks acknowledged The Doctor as their greatest enemy. The Doctor described them likewise…


Davros wants to destroy reality by detonating the reality bomb at the Medusa Cascade. First however, you need to position three stolen worlds there. Play Stolen Worlds on the Dalek fleet location, then use the Move 1 Planet Action to move them to the Medusa Cascade. Use the Reality Bomb to clear out those pesky heroes trying to slow you down.


The Emperor Dalek seeks to retrieve Davros from the Time War. To do this you must have Daleks in the Time War location, while you use Locate cards to track down Davros. Get Recovering Davros into play, then use Slaves, under Dalek supervision, to retrieve Moment cards like Locate to reuse them to gather more information about Davros’s whereabouts. There are only two Locate cards, so cards like Investigate, Dominate, and Recovering Davros are critical to retrieve them so that you can play them again.