Doctor Who GF9
Featured nemeses


Cybermen are cybernetically augmented humanoids, that vary greatly in design between numerous different Cyber-subspecies, and originated independently through parallel evolution from various locations across time, space and universes. Almost all Cybermen lack emotions, considering them a weakness, and instead embrace pure logic.


Ashad’s goal is to find the Cyberium, the future and past of the Cybermen.  You must implant the Cyberium in an upgraded Cyberman using Protect the Cyberium, then keep that Cyberman alive!

Finding the Cyberium helps in your search for the Protect the Cyberium upgrade.  The Cyberlord upgrade keeps the Cyberium safe if the Cyberman is attacked, while the Death Particle discourages players from attacking it in the first place.


With the Cyberplanner, you are trying to take over the Doctor’s Mind to create the ultimate leader for the Cybermen.  You must use Struggle for Control while you defeat the Doctor and their Companions.

Battle of Wills brings the struggle for Control into play, while giving you another avenue to control the Doctor’s Mind.  Sending your Cyber Legion into battle in the physical realm provides a third leg for your strategy.