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How To Play: House of Duras

Playing the ‘House of Duras’ Away Team

The House of Duras has been cheated out of the Klingon Chancellorship and its honor. Its leaders, the Duras sisters, and its nominal head, their nephew Toral, will do anything to have the honor of their House recognised and their power restored, even collaborating with the Romulans.

Your Goals

The Duras sisters have two main goals: to gain either honor or wealth. If you choose honor, then both sisters must survive the game and have honor – by any means necessary. If Toral and his bodyguard Telok gain honor, so much the better, especially if they survive the experience. If you choose wealth, then you must gather weapons and stash them ready for an arms supply deal you have arranged. With the proceeds, you will be able to bribe and assassinate your way back to power.

Your Secret Weapons

Most Klingons are fools, putting honor before all else. They are willing to fight and die for it. Your House of Duras is far more pragmatic, taking honor wherever it can be found, claimed, or stolen. You have plenty of weapons, a bodyguard, and your house assassin to keep your key characters alive and your opponents dead. Should all else fail, the bond between the sisters is strong, allowing them to rescue each other from trouble.

Good Tactics

Despite being less combat-capable than most Klingons, you are still deadlier than humans and Romulans, allowing you to aggressively manoeuvre to where you need to be. Once there, steal, hide, plant, or claim what you need and move on. Use your bodyguard to keep Toral alive and give him the backup he needs to be useful. Meanwhile, your assassin can whittle away the opposition, rendering them less able to interfere.