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House of Duras Expansion

The Duras Sisters take the remains of their house to Wolf 359 in the hope of finding plunder to finance their return to Klingon politics and to redeem their honor – by any means necessary.

Starter Deck Contents:


Disruptor Rifle x2

Illicit Explosives

Poisoned Blade

Sniper Rifle

Weapons Crate x2


Betrayal of Trust

Death Yell

Disruptor Bombardment

First Strike

Mistaken Honor

No Honor In Weakness


Stolen Honor

Stolen Valor

Taking Credit 

The Power of Duras

The Sisters of Duras 

The Treachery of Duras


Arrange Rendezvous

Backroom Dealing x2

Claim Honor x2

Fake Heroics x2

Falsify Scientific Evidence

Honor and Glory

Manipulate Medical Evidence

Plant Evidence of Honor

Plant Explosives

Stash Contraband x2

Steal Trilithium

Steal Weapons Technology

Survival of the Fittest 

Under the Table Deal x2

Weapons Testing