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Designing The Miniatures of Star Trek: Away Missions!

Designing The Miniatures Ready To Explore The Starship Wrecks of Wolf 359…

The Star Trek universe is filled with wonderful characters and amazing imagery, brought to life on our screens by talented actors, concept artists, make-up artists, costume designers and a host of other people. Taking these visual elements and bringing them into
Star Trek: Away Missions was a privilege we took very seriously.

When we first started looking at the miniatures, we started with a very traditional approach, designing our first four releases with classical scale and proportions. During play-testing, these small figures, and their equipment just looked lost and indistinguishable from each other on the table.

The wonderful board art went from being a great backdrop to play on, to the centre-piece of the game. We knew that this just was not the look and feel we wanted.

Figures with classical scale and proportions.

Bringing the design team together we looked at several options we could choose, including, for example, just scaling the figures up to give them more presence or taking a chibi style for the miniatures.

In the end though we felt we came up with our own heroic cartoon style. Our amazing partners at CBS, as well as representatives of some of the original actors, agreed and gave us their blessing to continue.  This allowed each character, and their equipment to stand out individually on the board

In addition to this change in stylistic approach we scaled the figures up, making them larger and giving them an increased presence on the tabletop.

Figures in their final heroic cartoon style.

Our Away Missions style emphasises or exaggerates certain physical elements such as the faces, shoulders or chests, hands and any equipment, whilst keeping other elements such has feet and waists more proportionate.

By doing this we could elevate the aspects that make each character so unique in this universe, making it that much easier for people to tell immediately which miniature is which.

We are especially happy with the great job our designers have done in capturing the faces and expressions of some of our favourite characters from the show and cannot wait to show you what the future holds!

Click the teams below for a detailed view of the different characters